Why Sourdough Bread Is Kinda Good For You


Isn’t sourdough the best.

It always feels so special. Like a treat that you know isn’t around all the time, so you have it everyday until it’s gone. The best way to have it? Plain, toasted with some butter.¬†

A while ago, I was reading something that said, because of the process to make sourdough, the bacteria sits for longer so they partially pre digest the gluten for you. Now, I have no beef with gluten. I don’t feel anything except for satisfied when I eat it…. but…. I feel really really bad for people with dietary sensitivities.

That’s why… everyone needs to know that sourdough is basically¬†gluten-free!

That’s not true. It’s not gluten-free, but it’s better for gluten-sensitive people.

So what else is good about sourdough bread? (source)

+ increases beneficial lactic acid (involved in many body mechanisms).

+ pre digests gluten & starches.

+ acetic acid is produced with lactic acid which stops the growth of mold.

+ better blood glucose regulation than normal bread.

+ it’s got the same good bacteria that’s in yogurt, kefir & sour cream.

Read more here, and if you want to try making some sourdough yourself, click here!

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Did you even read this far down, or are you already at the store buying a loaf of sourdough?

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