The Deal With Vaseline


Have you ever wondered what petroleum jelly is? I always wonder where stuff comes from. How It’s Made used to be my favourite tv show.

There are these little tins of Vaseline Lip Therapy that come in plain, aloe, rose (with a tint), and cocoa butter. They’re my favourite. A few weeks ago at Heathrow I noticed a new one called Queen Bee. It’s ok. A bit sweet for me. 

Going to Boots is the main reason I get excited to stop at Heathrow!

Here’s the deal:

+ Petroleum Jelly is a by-product of oil refining.

+ It was originally found in the 1800’s at the bottom of oil rigs.

+ It became popular when oil rig workers put the jelly on their cuts / burns & it appeared to help with healing.

+ It has been marketed as leather oil, a lubricant, hair pomade, a wound healer and an eyelash grower.

+ It doesn’t actually moisturize or heal; it acts as a sealant (barrier).

+ Some believe it may contain carcinogens because of the refining process.

+ It’s used as lubrication on industrial parts.

+ Vaseline brand claims that it triple purifies their petroleum jelly so there is no reason to freak.

+ EWG’s database gives Vaseline’s petroleum jelly a 1 which means LOW HAZARD.

Petroleum jelly isn’t very eco friendly and is a by product of the oil industry. In other words it’s bad for the environment. But what isn’t?

All the points above sound more like cons than pros don’t they?! However… If we boycott this product that has 1001 uses, will oil refining stop? Probably not. Would all of us remembering to bring our own bags to the grocery store 1 out of 10 times make more of a difference? Probably.

Burt’s Bees lip balm or eos are probably better options, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna ditch these adorable tins. The rose gives a perfect tint, aloe is refreshing and the original is good for everything!

For more information on petroleum jelly click here, here or here!

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