The Best Kitchen Tools


Even if you HATE cooking and making food, you’ll love these cheap, amazing gadgets. Promise.

They make the simplest things even easier (and more fun)!


1. Herb Stripper: It’s exactly how it sounds. Put the sprig in, pull it through & the herbs fall in the bowl. Perfect for rosemary lovers.

2. Avo Saver: Cut your avocado in half & only eat half! The side with the pit fits perfectly in this brilliant little thing.

3. Citrus Spritz: This is one of those things I just kick myself for not inventing. Pretty self explanatory… and amazing.

4. Avo Slicer & Pitter: In this day & age where avo toast is insta-famous, don’t we all need one of these?

5. Lemon & Lime Juicer: This is for the die hard citrus fans. Screw the spritzer. If you drench everything in lemon or lime juice, this is for you. Perfect when making these or margaritas.

What are your favourite kitchen gadgets?

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