The Best Everyday T-Shirts


Wanna know?

K, I’ll tell you…

They’re boyfriend t-shirts from Joe Fresh/Superstore (for those in Canada). They’re $16 and my favourite.

I think… 3 years ago, Joe Fresh had some very similar and I fell in love. They stayed in my closet with the tags still on (I always do this – I buy something but don’t wear it for months, then love it) until one day I tried it on and was instantly bummed out I didn’t get more. And did Joe Fresh still have them? No.

Why didn’t I get more colors? How could I be so clueless?

On goes the year+ long wait for Joe Fresh/Superstore to have them in again… Anytime anyone was going I’d ask “can you look for me? Just in case… You never know!”…. Nothing.

Until… That one glorious day that I was driving by the store, didn’t really wanna go in, but I did, “just in case”… and there they were!!! New and improved: longer, flowier, with a little pocket, and in tons of colors!

I went mad. I got 2 black, 2 white, 1 khaki green and 1 grey. Then a few days later I went back and got another black one and a navy blue one. It takes a lot of discipline to not be psycho and buy them out. I just never want to go through those years of waiting ever again. But I think I’m stocked up… Are you?


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