Society6 – Your New Addiction


I discovered Society6 in September and I’m pretty obsessed. Don’t even go to their website unless you have 4 hours to scroll through all the beautiful art and sketches. You can just browse, or search for colours and themes so you can get exactly what you want.

Then… the best part… you can literally get it printed onto anything. ANYTHING!

So first, you find a cool print you love, then look at all your options down below, or put the name of the piece, or the artist into the search bar and there you have it! You can order it on anything from bedding to throw pillows to phone cases to wall art to shirts to laptop cases to mugs and shower curtains. And a lot more!

I don’t exactly have my own place yet, so I can’t justify buying wall prints. Instead I made my sister get some. I got her a GC for Christmas which she spent in no time! She got some black and white, some colour, and all different sizes for a cool feature wall.

A little tip: She wishes she got them framed through Society6 because she’s having trouble finding frames that are the right size. So keep that in mind if you order some wall prints!


Instead of building my future home decor collection I had to settle for some iPhone cases. It’s more $$ than I’d usually spend on a phone case, but I really love the 2 I bought because they’re really thin and durable. And told myself I deserved it at the time. <— This happens too often maybe?


Anyways, I can’t stop scrolling through. It’s a great time-waster and definitely beats boring old Facebook!

Add them on Instagram so you know when they offer free international shipping. It seems to be about once a month.

Enjoy! (and sorry for your new addiction)

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