New Silicone Spatula Sets

I know I haven’t posted in almost 2 years.

I just can’t let this blog go! Every time I get my domain renewal notice, I go to delete it but then I just can’t pull the trigger! I just renew it and pay for another year. There are still some amazing recipes that I use all the time and I’m thinking I should add my new ones too. Why not?

Anyways, I won’t bore anyone with the details of why I’ve been MIA, because who cares?

But one of the reasons is that I’ve been creating some products to sell on Amazon.

They launched today and I wanted to use this platform to tell all my American readers that they are Prime eligible!

I ended up creating these because I was so sick of tacky colors in my kitchen. It seems like all seamless silicone products are bright orange, blue or lime green. That’s cool, but it doesn’t go with my stuff. I needed something simple and so the Nordic Kitchen Shop was born. (Nordic because my other half is Danish, I spend half my time in Scandinavia and I love their style!)

The best thing about seamless silicone? You can swoop, scoop and scrape and nothing will get in the crevices. You don’t have to take anything apart and they can go in the top or bottom of your dishwasher.

Anyways, the 3-piece spatula sets are available in black and white and we’ll have more products and colors (shades? HA!) soon.

Check them out here, and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on products and promos!

Merry Christmas!


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      Hello Jane!
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