Lemon Caper Parmesan Brussels Sprouts


I kinda ripped this recipe off a restaurant in Vancouver called The Flying Pig.

I just started liking Brussels sprouts a few months ago (can you believe it’s Brussels not Brussel?!) and when I tried them at The Flying Pig, I thought “there is no other way to eat these”.

This is a non-recipe, meaning you put however much of each ingredient you want in. But this is what I do: Continue reading “Lemon Caper Parmesan Brussels Sprouts” »

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I wish you all a cozy Sunday!

The Best Everyday T-Shirts


Wanna know?

K, I’ll tell you…

They’re boyfriend t-shirts from Joe Fresh/Superstore (for those in Canada). They’re $16 and my favourite.

I think… 3 years ago, Joe Fresh had some very similar and I fell in love. They stayed in my closet with the tags still on (I always do this – I buy something but don’t wear it for months, then love it) until one day I tried it on and was instantly bummed out I didn’t get more. And did Joe Fresh still have them? No.

Why didn’t I get more colors? How could I be so clueless?

On goes the year+ long wait for Joe Fresh/Superstore to have them in again… Anytime anyone was going I’d ask “can you look for me? Just in case… You never know!”…. Nothing.

Until… That one glorious day that I was driving by the store, didn’t really wanna go in, but I did, “just in case”… and there they were!!! New and improved: longer, flowier, with a little pocket, and in tons of colors!

I went mad. I got 2 black, 2 white, 1 khaki green and 1 grey. Then a few days later I went back and got another black one and a navy blue one. It takes a lot of discipline to not be psycho and buy them out. I just never want to go through those years of waiting ever again. But I think I’m stocked up… Are you?


Cool Things: Cow Bone Utensils


GAH! I can’t believe I forgot to post about these! I know how it happened… I don’t have my own place at the moment, and when my family asked if they could use them I said “not a chance” and hid them. Out of sight, out of mind.

I got them last Christmas from my boyfriend’s Grandma in the Faroe Islands. She’s in a craft group and they do jewellery making (she made me a silver pendant that you can see here), bone polishing (like these utensils), and knitting (she is so good I’m pretty sure she invented it).

These utensils have been polished out of cow leg bone! Hand polished ’til they gleam & shine! They’re beautiful.


I’m just so down with original stuff lately, especially in these days of mass-made everything <— Whoa whoa whoa… That doesn’t mean I’m against mass-made products on the cheap. I’m not at all. I’m just getting super appreciative of traditional, meaningful, gifted, one-of-a-kind anything.

I think this will be the first of my family heirloom collection which is quite exciting! So is this.

I wish I could tell you where to buy some, but I can’t. I’ve included some similar (actually totally different) styles below, but… I think I have myself a pretty cool one-of-a-kind set of serving utensils. And I’m sorry, but I just had to brag share.

Piperlime Sale


I heard a couple months ago that Piperlime is closing their doors for good. It looks like they’re having the first of their blowout sales today and today only!

Click here and use the code: YOUNEEDIT at check out to score 20% or 30% off shoes, handbags and accessories!

Personally, I won’t be buying a thing. I’m fully stocked thanks to a random UO order a couple weeks ago. But I hope you can find something you like!

Why Sourdough Bread Is Kinda Good For You


Isn’t sourdough the best.

It always feels so special. Like a treat that you know isn’t around all the time, so you have it everyday until it’s gone. The best way to have it? Plain, toasted with some butter.  Continue reading “Why Sourdough Bread Is Kinda Good For You” »

The Best Little (and big) Bralettes


Cutout and thin-strapped tanks.

Cutout, backless and thin-strapped dresses.

Sheer, see-through everything.

Am I wrong to say, that it doesn’t seem to matter if lacey bras or bra straps show in outfits these days? That it’s actually “a look”? – I’m the furthest thing from a fashionista so I’m actually asking…… Am I wrong? Continue reading “The Best Little (and big) Bralettes” »

Danish Rugbrød


Definition: The best bread in the world.

Pronunciation: Something like “roogbra” or “roobru”.

Uses: Eating with butter, salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, shrimp salad, boiled eggs, cheese & pickles, basically anything. Now that it has stuff on it, it’s called smørrebrød. You could also use it as a weapon when it’s in full-loaf form because it’s heeeaaaaaavy.

Where to get it: Your oven via the recipe below. Continue reading “Danish Rugbrød” »

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