Essential Oils


A while ago, I bought some essential oilsĀ from ebay and had them shipped to my friend’s office in London so they’d arrive there before I did {because it’s cheaper than shipping to Denmark}. They never showed! Major bummer šŸ™ .

Not to worry. I’m one lucky girl with some pretty cool friends: A friend of a friend works for Neal’s Yard and over some margaritas she whipped three beautiful blue bottles out of her purse and gave them to me! How can oils make one girl so happy?

I’ve been ‘flavouring’ my laundry with patchouli, which I wasn’t sure about at first. I didn’t want to smell all hippity dippity, but it’s not that strong and I really like it! *update: OVER IT! I never want to smell patchouli again*

I’m saving the eucalyptus and lavender until my Shea butter runs out. Then I’ll make the best smelling body lotion ever!

PATCHOULI is relaxing and an astringent and toner for the skin.

EUCALYPTUS is cleansing and helps clear the head for easy breathing.

LAVENDER is relaxing, cleansing, refreshing and soothing for the skin and mind.
++ more on lavender ++

I love adding them to a bath with epsom salts.

What are your favourite oils?

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