Maybe I’m Back?


Hi guys. Guys? Does anyone still read this?

I just checked my stats and I’m actually so surprised that some of you peeps have still been viewing The Hilside! My last post was in March and well…. That’s just not being a good blogger. I notice that most of the posts viewed are the recipes!!! That makes me so happy because I’ve been cooking up a storm, trying different cookbooks, adapting them and been baking tons of new breads! So ya, I think I’ll start sharing it all again. I’ll also share some older recipes that I never got around to posting, but still love. Why not!

Over the holidays I had a few people ask me if I was still blogging and say that they wish I was… And so, I thought maybe I should start again? You know, give the people what they want. Kidding. But it made me feel really cool.

A little update. I’ve launched another little website called HK Editing. I have a couple clients already, but am definitely after some more. So check out the site and if you know anyone who could “use” me, have them contact me!

Well gosh, it felt pretty nice just to write this post, even if no one reads it!

But, maybe absence made your heart grow fonder???

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