DIY: Jewelry Box Revamp


A long time ago my mom gave me a really cool present. It was a jewelry box.

She bought a mini chest of drawers from Ikea that looked like this…


She added some feet, knobs/handles, painted & stained it, lined it with velvet and gave it a cool roof!

It turned out like this…


I loved it! I still love it. It just needed a little facelift. We both think it yellowed over the years and I wanted something brighter.

Step 1:

I took a nail buffer and “sanded” the whole thing to take off the top layer of wax or varnish or whatever was on there.

Step 2:

Taped off the handles and the front of each drawer so I wouldn’t get paint on the nice stained dark wood at the back.


Step 3:

Painted everything with 2 coats of white acrylic water based paint. It was fast drying so I didn’t have to wait long between coats.


Step 4:

Painted 2 coats of Martha Stewart’s Vintage Decor Paint in “Brook“. I had to wait 2 hours between coats… those are the rules, according to Martha.

Step 5:

Decided it was too blue and I wanted to reverse my whole plan. I wanted the jewelry box to be white with the “roughed up” bits to be blue. So the real step 5 is: paint 2 more coats of the acrylic white paint over top of the other 4 layers of paint.


Step 6:

Once aaaallllll the paint was dry, I took a coarse nail file and sanded away the white paint to reveal the “brook”/blue colour underneath.


Step 7:

Took off all the tape and filed down any gloopy edges. I dipped the smallest paint brush I had in a drop of white acrylic paint and touched up any spots I missed around the handles.

Step 8:

Varnish! I did one coat of water based varnish. I didn’t want it to look super shiny, I just didn’t want the jewelry box to look super chalky.

I let it dry overnight, then used a sticky lint brush sheet to get all the dust off the velvet.


And then, the best part…

I put all my freshly cleaned jewelry back in, all organized, neat and untangled. {I put the stuff I wear almost everyday on top}.


I love it more than I already did! Now I just want to paint everything!!!

++ While I was looking around I found this cool remake & this one! ++


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