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Not long ago, I was in the midst of a 2 week Bounty –  craving hysteria. The strangest thing about this, is that at the time I hated coconut. I honestly wasn’t even sure if I’ve ever even eaten a Bounty before! I went and bought one and it was the best thing ever and now I’m a coconut fiend, always jonesing for my next hit.

I whipped these up one day after a bag of coconut in the baking section of the store caught my eye. They’re pretty good! Like, dangerous to have in the house good.

Disclaimer: These taste nothing like Bounty bars but totally feed a coconut craving.



+ 200 grams (2 bars) of chocolate { buy }

+ 1.5 cups of dried shredded coconut { buy }

+ 4 tbsp of butter

+ 1/2 cup of honey (more if you want it sweeter) { buy }



Get a pot of water boiling with a metal bowl on top and double boil your chocolate. Unless of course you have a double boiler. Then use that. I used 2 bars (200 grams) of Lindt 70% chocolate because it was on sale. Use darker or lighter, whatever you fancy. Break or cut the chocolate into small pieces first.

Once that is going, melt the butter on a low to medium heat in a pan. Don’t let it bubble and burn. Just when it is melted add the honey. Once it’s all liquified add in the coconut. Mix until all the coconut is covered, and cook until it starts to brown. Remove from heat.

Mix the coconut into your bowl of melted chocolate, then spoon the mixture into muffin tins. Or, you can let the mixture cool down a bit and spoon it onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Either way get them in the fridge or freezer asap!




Take them out of the fridge about 10 minutes before serving! These amounts make 9.

Tip: I’ve made these a few times, and it’s waaaaaay better to have too much coconut than too much chocolate.

As always, let me know if you like them or have tips for making them better!

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