Bamboo Silica


If you’re looking for magical hair growth pills… I think I found them.

I’m a month in on my 2nd round of taking 70% Bamboo Silica and I really see a difference. I swear.

I was skeptical when I woke up the morning after I took the first pill and didn’t look like Rapunzel. I gave it a chance and it seems to be working! I always notice it in my eyelashes…

Silica is a trace mineral that our body needs in small amounts. It’s a component of collagen and abundant in our hair, skin and nails. It can stimulate healthier hair growth, shine and strength. It does this by balancing our hormones, and it can bond (chelate) to harmful minerals (like aluminum) to remove them from our bodies. Bamboo is the richest natural source of silica containing 70%! Read more here & here.

Thanks to Bamboo Silica, I now feel like this:



But definitely don’t look like it!

Of course I don’t ‘know’ if it’s working, but my hair and eyelashes seem longer so I guess it’s doing something. I know someone else who thinks it’s working for them too. In fact, they couldn’t keep up with hair cuts – I can’t even imagine how cool that must be.

It’s supposed to help with nail growth as well, but haven’t noticed a change in that department.

It’s cheap too! Buy it from Amazon or from Swanson’s directly.

My skepticism phase has passed. If I’m being duped… I’m not sure that I care!

Does anyone else use it?

** I’ve read that women who are pregnant or have kidney problems shouldn’t take silica supplements. If you’re concerned talk to your doctor, naturopath, nutritionist before taking ** (disclaimer)


  1. pure says:

    Well thank you for your honest review. I bought 2 bottles from Swanson and i can’t wait to open my first. I really need the help with my bones and skin

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