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I first heard of Argan Oil a few years ago while working on one of the few yachts I’ve been on. A fellow stewardess said she used it as her face moisturizer, and I was like “Waaaaa? Oil on your face?” and left it at that. It seemed crazy to me. I’ve seen it around shops in the couple years since then, and never thought about buying it until I was in Nice.

I was in the beauty section of a big store and saw all these glass bottles of oils. I’m a sucker for natural potions and packaging, especially when it comes in glass bottles, little tins, looks vintage, or is mini.

I remembered this brand Lovea from the last time I was in SOF. My friend and I used to suntan at her rooftop pool, drenched in their tanning oil {on top of SPF, of course}. Out of the many oils to choose from I picked up Argan.

What I use it for/on:

+ Ends of my hair: I’m avoiding a haircut like the plague and an overnight Argan oil mask, or 30 min treatment in the ends controls the frizzy dryness for a few days.

+ My body: Mostly to spot moisturize over dry spots like my elbows and shins <—I don’t know how this happens.

+ My face: I only use it as a facial moisturizer once in a while at night. Even though it’s a dry oil and not that greasy, I don’t love the feeling so I only use it before bed.

+ My eyes: It’s hands down, THE BEST eye make up remover.


+ It’s regenerative. That means it promotes repair and growth.

+ Has anti-inflammatory properties.

+ Can reduce the look of scars & stretch marks.

+ Packed with antioxidants.

+ Restores your skins hydrolipid layer. This means it reduces look of lines and wrinkles.

+ More resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

I don’t think Argan oil’s benefits are much different than the other oils out there. Coconut, vitamin E, jojoba… You name it. They are all similar in their traits. I think that’s a great reason to switch it up and try new ones when your existing ones run out!

What is your beauty oil of choice?

*Argan oil comes from the Argan Nut which comes from the Argan Tree, which grows in Morocco*

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