Are Epsom Salts For Real?


Last week I got myself a massive bag of epsom salts. Why? Because my muscles have been so sore.

It’s because of the way I’ve been sleeping. I’ve been waking up with my neck and back so sore from being all hunched over and tense when I sleep. It’s not fun. If I could get an 8 hour massage everyday, I would.

epsomsalt3// the best smelling shower gel //

Benefits of magnesium sulphate a.k.a. epsom salts … {source}

+ Eases stress, relaxes the body & relieves muscle pain: Stress depletes the body of magnesium & increases levels of adrenaline. Magnesium helps produce serotonin and reduces the affects of adrenaline creating a relaxed feeling & improved sleep.

+ Helps function of muscles & nerves: Magnesium is calcium’s BFF. Calcium needs magnesium to do it’s job which is conducting our nerve impulses.

+ Improves effectiveness of insulin: Magnesium & sulphate can help lower the severity of diabetes.

+ Can act as a laxative: Defs consult a doctor if you’re inclined to try this. Apparently, if you drink epsom salt it can really get things moving. But do not take this post as a recommendation to go do it!

+ Removes toxins & heavy metals: It does this by reverse osmosis, pulling salt out of your body & skin, bringing heavy metals & toxins with it.

So, do epsom salts really do all these things?

I’ve had a few salt baths (with oils) over the past week and I gotta say… I’m not as sore as I was a few days ago. Is that just my muscles not being sore anymore, or are the salts working their magic? Do you guys use epsom salts? Do you think they really work?!

Click here for 21 more epsom salt uses & if you’re kind of a skeptic click here.

You can buy them at any drugstore & they’re super cheap!

Thinking of making a salt scrub with peppermint & eucalyptus oils?


  1. Karen @ Kama Fitness says:

    oohhh does this mean I need to start taking baths? Because I can NOT promise that will be happening anytime soon! lolz! I am a total NON-Bath babe, I’m with you on making my own salt scrub! BUT I do supplement with Magnesium always which totally kills any muscle pain/stiffness!
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  2. Jenn says:

    As a young girl I remember my mom soaking her feet in Epsom salt after a long day of work. She still swears by it! I didn’t know about the other benefits like stress relief! Good to know 🙂

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