Link Love


Is there anything a Q-Tip can’t do? {WhoWhatWear}

A real reminder for me to get on it (I’m trying to learn Faroese). {World of Wanderlust}

See… Everyone is dry brushing. {Brooklyn Blonde}

Do you know why brown sugar is brown? {The Kitchn}

Closet organization… Matching hangars are King. {Refinery29}

Society6 – Your New Addiction


I discovered Society6 in September and I’m pretty obsessed. Don’t even go to their website unless you have 4 hours to scroll through all the beautiful art and sketches. You can just browse, or search for colours and themes so you can get exactly what you want.

Then… the best part… you can literally get it printed onto anything. ANYTHING! Continue reading →

Quinoa Granola


First, I need to state that I’m very proud of this recipe.

Over the last couple months, I’ve seen granola recipes around the net. I glanced at them, made a mental note to try it sometime, then moved on. I finally decided to make my own and it’s so good!

I guess I’m proud because I didn’t use any recipe at all. I just harnessed all the granola internet memories I had and whipped it up.

My boyfriend has eaten more of it than me, so that’s a good sign, right? Continue reading →

Bamboo Silica


If you’re looking for magical hair growth pills… I think I found them.

I’m a month in on my 2nd round of taking 70% Bamboo Silica and I really see a difference. I swear.

I was skeptical when I woke up the morning after I took the first pill and didn’t look like Rapunzel. I gave it a chance and it seems to be working! I always notice it in my eyelashes… Continue reading →

Link Love


Some links I’m loving this week…

As someone currently having tattoos removed, I can’t wait for this cream to hit shelves. {CBC}

Love these packing tips! {World of Wanderlust}

Hilarious… especially given my state yesterday. {Man Repeller}

Natural make-up approved by the pros. {Cupcakes & Cashmere}

Love these Fogcouver photos. {BC Mag}

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Dry Brushing 101


Dry brushing. So much info circulating on it right now. I love salt scrubs & exfoliating but never considered dry brushing because the bristles seem so hard. Ouch?

Anyways, I read this post and this post and decided it was definitely time to hop on the dry brushing train.

What you do… Continue reading →

Neal’s Yard Essential Oils


A while ago, I bought some essential oils from ebay and had them shipped to my friend’s office in London so they’d arrive there before I did {because it’s cheaper than shipping to Denmark}. They never showed! Major bummer :( . Continue reading →

Are Epsom Salts For Real?


Last week I got myself a massive bag of epsom salts. Why? Because my muscles have been so sore.

It’s because of the way I’ve been sleeping. I’ve been waking up with my neck and back so sore from being all hunched over and tense when I sleep. It’s not fun. If I could get an 8 hour massage everyday, I would. Continue reading →

The Deal With Vaseline


Have you guys ever wondered what petroleum jelly is? I always wonder where stuff comes from. How It’s Made used to be my favourite tv show.

There are these little tins of Vaseline Lip Therapy that come in plain, aloe, rose (with a tint), and cocoa butter. They’re my favourite. A few weeks ago at Heathrow I noticed a new one called Queen Bee. It’s ok. A bit sweet for me.  Continue reading →