Want & Wish Wednesday


I’m moving into my new home in a couple weeks!!! This morning I went into a Pinterest frenzy of home decor and cool kitchen stuff.

Obviously everything I want is super $$$ even though it’s on sale… Typical.

My dreams are below…

I might be a bit late to the party, but I still love copper.

One of my secret loves is table setting. :-/

And the best part of any home… The living room.

BTW… Do your home a favour and buy the best candle in the world!

Maybe I’m Back?


Hi guys. Guys? Does anyone still read this?

I just checked my stats and I’m actually so surprised that some of you peeps have still been viewing The Hilside! My last post was in March and well…. That’s just not being a good blogger. I notice that most of the posts viewed are the recipes!!! That makes me so happy because I’ve been cooking up a storm, trying different cookbooks, adapting them and been baking tons of new breads! So ya, I think I’ll start sharing it all again. I’ll also share some older recipes that I never got around to posting, but still love. Why not!

Over the holidays I had a few people ask me if I was still blogging and say that they wish I was… And so, I thought maybe I should start again? You know, give the people what they want. Kidding. But it made me feel really cool.

A little update. I’ve launched another little website called HK Editing. I have a couple clients already, but am definitely after some more. So check out the site and if you know anyone who could “use” me, have them contact me!

Well gosh, it felt pretty nice just to write this post, even if no one reads it!

But, maybe absence made your heart grow fonder???

(pic via hellawella.com)

Link Love


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Festivals: I’d Rather Die Than Attend One, But…


… Some of the fringey, flowy outfits are pretty cute.

I don’t actually mean that. I used to love music festivals.

If someone gave me tickets to Coachella I’d totally go…

… to The Parker Hotel to sell the tickets. LOL.

Anyways, I do like some of the standard festival gear. But I also agree that the style is getting old.

I’m down with:

These H&M + Coachella shorts and playsuit.

These items from Spell Byron Bay: playsuit, Route 66 jumpsuit & this skirt. I have this Spell playsuit & it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

A hat (not too trendy, but not too lame) is needed to block that sun.

But, I’d be so comfy in plain old jean shorts & a tank or one of my favourite t-shirts.

But no matter what outfit I chose, I would for sure be wearing closed toe boots, ’cause it’d be disgusting not to.

My all-time faves, that I’ll have forever and ever, because I’ll keep buying them until they stop making them, are… Sam Edelman Petty boots in light suede, black suede or brown leather. They’re the best.

Last but not least, I would FOR SURE have a bag that zipped up so all those thieves couldn’t take my things.

What a Debbie.

I’m for sure not going, so you can just have fun & not worry about running into me.

Link Love


Will Ferrell as Little Debbie on Jimmy Fallon. I mean… it’s too funny. {YouTube}

This super cool water-saving tap. {IFLScience}

This video on how to impost your gluten-free life on everyone is hilarious! {Food Beast}

How to properly clean leeks. {Oh My Veggies}

Interview with the Foster sisters. I think I’m gonna like this show. {WhoWhatWear}

Kevin Bacon’s new breakfast commercial. Kinda long, but funny & worth it. {GrubStreet}


Throwback Thursday: Yes Please, by Amy Poehler


This is a Throwback Thursday Book review of Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please.

I read it in December, in Antigua… hence the delicious sand & incredible lighting in the photo above.

This was my first real book in a long time and it felt so good to hold. But, on a Kindle you have a night time reading light built in and you can look up word definitions with a tap of your finger. When I have a real book, my Kindle habits are still very there, so I look like an ape trying to tap a word on a paper page, then furrowing my brow like “huh?”, then shaking my head and rolling my eyes at myself. Plus, I read 4 Kindle books on that trip and they didn’t weigh down my suitcase at all. Pros & cons.

Anyways, on to the book… Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Yes Please, by Amy Poehler” »

The Best Kitchen Tools


Even if you HATE cooking and making food, you’ll love these cheap, amazing gadgets. Promise.

They make the simplest things even easier (and more fun)!


1. Herb Stripper: It’s exactly how it sounds. Put the sprig in, pull it through & the herbs fall in the bowl. Perfect for rosemary lovers.

2. Avo Saver: Cut your avocado in half & only eat half! The side with the pit fits perfectly in this brilliant little thing.

3. Citrus Spritz: This is one of those things I just kick myself for not inventing. Pretty self explanatory… and amazing.

4. Avo Slicer & Pitter: In this day & age where avo toast is insta-famous, don’t we all need one of these?

5. Lemon & Lime Juicer: This is for the die hard citrus fans. Screw the spritzer. If you drench everything in lemon or lime juice, this is for you. Perfect when making these or margaritas.

What are your favourite kitchen gadgets?

Lemon Caper Parmesan Brussels Sprouts


I kinda ripped this recipe off a restaurant in Vancouver called The Flying Pig.

I just started liking Brussels sprouts a few months ago (can you believe it’s Brussels not Brussel?!) and when I tried them at The Flying Pig, I thought “there is no other way to eat these”.

This is a non-recipe, meaning you put however much of each ingredient you want in. But this is what I do: Continue reading “Lemon Caper Parmesan Brussels Sprouts” »

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5. SO DOWN with this new color trend. {Apartment Therapy}

6. A Beautiful Australian photo diary. {Pumps & Iron}

I wish you all a cozy Sunday!

The Best Everyday T-Shirts


Wanna know?

K, I’ll tell you…

They’re boyfriend t-shirts from Joe Fresh/Superstore (for those in Canada). They’re $16 and my favourite.

I think… 3 years ago, Joe Fresh had some very similar and I fell in love. They stayed in my closet with the tags still on (I always do this – I buy something but don’t wear it for months, then love it) until one day I tried it on and was instantly bummed out I didn’t get more. And did Joe Fresh still have them? No.

Why didn’t I get more colors? How could I be so clueless?

On goes the year+ long wait for Joe Fresh/Superstore to have them in again… Anytime anyone was going I’d ask “can you look for me? Just in case… You never know!”…. Nothing.

Until… That one glorious day that I was driving by the store, didn’t really wanna go in, but I did, “just in case”… and there they were!!! New and improved: longer, flowier, with a little pocket, and in tons of colors!

I went mad. I got 2 black, 2 white, 1 khaki green and 1 grey. Then a few days later I went back and got another black one and a navy blue one. It takes a lot of discipline to not be psycho and buy them out. I just never want to go through those years of waiting ever again. But I think I’m stocked up… Are you?